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Updated: May 23, 2024

The Committee on Student Organizations (CSO) has the responsibility for investigating and sanctioning student organizations charged with violations of university, state, or student organization policies. Possible statuses can include:

  1. Termination
  2. Suspension
  3. Probation with Restrictions

Student organizations that have been Terminated include:

The University recommends that students not join or participate in any sponsored activity by the listed group.

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
    • Terminated in May 2015 for holding events while suspended. The organization was placed on suspension followed by probation with alcohol restrictions in Spring 2013 for hosting a party at which a minor (17-year-old boy) and another guest were transported to detox after being served alcohol by Alpha Epsilon Pi. Subsequently, the organization was found responsible for four additional incidents involving events and/or alcohol while it was suspended or on alcohol restriction. The CSO considered termination for the penultimate incident and sanctioned Alpha Epsilon Pi with termination for the final incident.
    • Following termination, seven allegations involving Alpha Epsilon Pi were brought to CSO’s attention between 2016 and now. Three of these allegations involved intramural sports and disrespectful behavior. The more recent allegations involved drinking (one student being transported to the hospital after consuming shots at the organization’s house) and hazing (and anonymous report listed disturbing hazing behavior).
  • Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity
    • Terminated in October 2007 for holding alcohol events while on probation with alcohol restrictions. Sigma Alpha Mu was placed on probation with alcohol restrictions in Spring 2007 for hosting a party in violation of the University’s alcohol policies. Sigma Alpha Mu hosted two alcohol parties in violation of this probation.
    • Following termination, twenty-five allegations involving Sigma Alpha Mu were brought to CSO’s attention between 2007 and now. The majority of these allegations involve underage drinking at Sigma Alpha Mu parties. Three involved unspecified hazing (most recently in Fall 2017). One report from Spring 2010 alleged that Sigma Alpha Mu’s members created a website from which underage students could purchase alcohol that the members would buy and deliver.

Student organizations currently Suspended include:

Suspension means a temporary loss of all of an organization’s privileges for a specified period of time, not to exceed two years.


Student organizations currently on Probation with Restrictions include:

Probation with Restrictions indicates that the organization has been restricted in its activities due to sanctioning by the CSO.

  • Wisconsin Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team – Restricted from University Vehicle Reservations until 1/28/2025.
  • Beta Theta Pi – Restricted from having events with alcohol until 10/19/2024.
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon – Restricted from having events with alcohol until two weeks after Fall 2024 IFC fraternity recruitment.

Student organizations disassociated from the University include:

The University recommends that students not join or participate in any sponsored activity by the listed groups. Membership or participation could increase safety concerns for students, as these groups are not accountable to any University polices or procedures.

  • Theta Chi Fraternity
    • Disaffiliated in November 2018 directly before a hearing for two misconduct cases—Theta Chi was found not responsible for any policy violations for those two cases. At the time of disaffiliation, Theta Chi had incomplete sanctions from three prior cases (Fall 2017) involving underage drinking (including a 17-year-old party guest who had to be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning) and sexually inappropriate requests made by a new member.
    • Following disaffiliation, fourteen allegations involving Theta Chi were brought to CSO’s attention between 2020 and now. Thirteen of these allegations were for possible COVID19 event restriction violations; nearly all of the fourteen allegations involved alcohol or underage drinking.

Student organizations currently on Interim Suspension include:

Interim Suspension indicates that the organization must cease activities pending an investigation and decision from the CSO. An Interim Suspension does not indicate the organization has been found to be in violation of CSO policies.

  • Anticolonial Scientists
  • Mecha de UW Madison
  • Young Democratic Socialists of America – UW-Madison

A further description of CSO policies can be found at:

Organizations terminated or who disassociated from the University while actively involved in a CSO disciplinary process must petition for reinstatement. Details on the reinstatement process can be found here: Registered Student Organization Reinstatement Process, and the petition form can be accessed here: