Sober Monitor Training

This information relates to the required training for Sober Monitors. Sober Monitors are an aspect of the Student Organization Alcohol Policy.

At any event where the consumption of alcohol is allowed, each sponsoring organization must provide a minimum of two sober monitors for up to 50 total attendees. One additional sober monitor from each sponsoring organization must be provided for every additional 25 attendees.

All sober monitors must have completed the online sober monitor training program prior to the event and within a calendar year of any prior completion. Follow the link to the Responsible RSO Sober Monitor/CSA Training to enroll in the online course.  Please make sure to not only watch the video but also complete the quiz with a passing grade. You will have a limited number of attempts to pass the quiz and in the event you do not receive a passing grade you will not be able to serve as a sober monitor.

Completion of this course will not be publicly posted, however this information may be shared with the Center for Leadership & Involvement staff, the University and Student Organizations as needed.