Dance Guidelines

The key to successful dances include the popularity of the entertainment, effective publicity, and the cost of tickets. Below is information on how to plan a successful dance on campus.

Things to remember:

  • Get a contract in writing from the entertainer(s) before starting publicity.
  • There are charges for use of a University facility for revenue producing events if the event is held on campus (contact the Campus Event Services Office: 608.262.2511).
  • If tickets are sold ahead of time, you need to print tickets. Sales tax will be due on tickets sold.
  • If your event is scheduled for the Wisconsin Union, additional policies apply to major social events like dances. Please review these guidelines or contact Campus Event Services, 2nd floor Union South (Room 233).

Things to Note for Events Planned through the Campus Event Services Office (CESO):

  • The Union uses a lottery system for member reservations in our popular large reception spaces—Varsity Hall and On Wisconsin (Great Hall and Tripp Commons are off-line starting September 2015 for renovation). For more details on the RSO Lottery for large spaces, see Reserving Space page.
  • Due to University conferences and events, not all weekend dates may be available. Before coming to the lottery, please call or email the office to determine the most current availability.
  • Registered Student Organizations must attend a Security Check-Out meeting 2 weeks prior to your event. Call the Campus Event Services Offices at 608.262.2511 to schedule your meeting. You are responsible for attending this meeting once every academic year.
  • If you need to cancel your space reservation, make sure this is completed in writing at least 1 month prior to the event; otherwise your student organization will incur a $100 fee.
  • Registered Student Organizations are only allowed to rent one large space per month.