Changes To Your Organization

The following information is for Registered Student Organizations that have already completed the registration process for the current academic year. During the re-registration process, you have the opportunity to make changes to your organization. If you still need to register for this year, check out the Registration information page.


Who can make changes on the WIN page?

  • Four required contacts (primary, second/financial, third, and fourth)
  • Student leaders who are granted administrative access to other officer positions

In the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN), Student Organizations are able to make changes to most of the general information on their own WIN page at any point. We ask Student Organizations to change their own information whenever necessary as long as the group is sure to remain compliant with the requirements listed in the Eligibility section of this Student Organization Resource & Policy Guide.

Anyone in the organization with appropriate access to the WIN page can make changes. The four required contacts (primary, second/financial, third, and fourth) for each organization automatically are able to make changes.  If the student leaders of the group granted administrative access to other officer positions, those students will also be able to make changes. (Check out support link for instructions on how to manage your roster in WIN.)


What information cannot be changed by Student Organizations?

The following items cannot be changed by the Student Organization:

  • Name
  • Acronym/Nickname
  • URL
  • Constitution


If a change needs to be made to the above areas, one of the four contacts from the organization will need to fill out a Change Request Form. Make sure you are logged into WIN if you have any trouble seeing the form.