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Requirement Overview, Sign-up, and General Information

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Requirement Overview

In order for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to fulfill the Badgers Step Up! (BSU!) requirement, every student organization must have their primary contact complete the registration process for their RSO.  Completing the registration process will involve 2 steps:

  1. Fully watch the 2021-2022 Student Organization Registration Orientation video and complete the quiz. You must receive 100% on the quiz before being able to proceed to complete Badgers Step Up!
  2. Fully complete the online Badgers Step Up! (BSU!) Training and meet the requirement by submitting the pre- assessment, quiz, & post- assessment. As a primary contact, it is recommended that the BSU! Training content is shared with the rest of one’s organization.

Note for RSOs: If a primary contact is completing registration and BSU! for more than one organization, they must be listed as the primary contact for every organization they are wanting to fulfill the requirement for.

Description of Badgers Step Up!

Badgers Step Up! (BSU!) is a virtual  training provided through Canvas.  The training focuses on leadership development, bystander intervention, alcohol education, resources, and UW-Madison policies related to alcohol.  BSU! has two main goals:

  1. To increase student-led prevention and intervention in high-risk alcohol situations
  2. To increase low-risk drinking behaviors on campus through implementation of risk-reduction strategies

Badgers Step Up! Booklet

To review information covered in the Badgers Step Up! Session that you attended or to access any of the activities, scenarios, or resources described in the training, download the appropriate workshop booklet.

2019 BSU! RSO Booklet

Questions about Badgers Step Up?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive access to the BSU! Canvas course?

Access to the BSU! is granted when the primary contact for a student organization begins the registration process. The canvas course includes both Registered Student Organization Training and the Badgers Step Up! Training. The registration process and BSU! Training must be completed by the primary contact.  

If I complete the Badgers Step Up! training, am I done with Student Organization Registration, or do I need to do something else?

You will still need to complete and submit an application and have that application approved. Having the primary contact complete BSU! is just one of the requirements for being a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Check out the Registration 101 section within this Guide for more information about completion of the RSO application process.

What does “training completion” entail?

    1. Begin the registration process for your Student Organization. You will be instructed to watch the RSO Orientation Video and complete the RSO Training quiz that follows. This will then unlock access to the Badgers Step Up! Training.
    2. Complete the pre-assessment
    3. Watch the 26 minute BSU! Training video and complete the BSU! Quiz
      • You must receive 100% on the quiz in order to move on to the post assessment.
    4. Complete the post- assessment
      • Without exception, you MUST complete this to fulfill the requirements of BSU!
    5. Continue completing the Registration Application for your Student Organization.

If our primary contact from my organization completes a BSU! training, is my organization done with this requirement forever?

No. Someone from your organization will need to re-register your organization every year. The BSU! Training is included in this process and will be fulfilled once registration is fully completed.   

Questions about Badgers Step Up!?

If you have questions regarding Badgers Step Up!, please feel free to contact:

Center for Leadership & Involvement

Selena Tapia