Audio/Visual (AV) Equipment

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may use the Audio/Visual (AV) equipment available in select classrooms at no cost after completion of the required online training.

Reserving a classroom with AV

To reserve a classroom with AV, contact Campus Event Services Office (CESO). At the time of your reservation, please indicate that you need a room with AV and the type of AV needed, as this will affect your room assignment. The Campus Event Services Office has a list of the rooms available to RSOs so they can assist you with which room will work best for your event. Check out this page for more information on reserving space.

AV Equipment Training

In order to be able to access the podium computer, you must complete the online AV Equipment training. Upon completion of this training, you will get a code to log into the podium computer.

Checking out AV Keys

If you only need to use the projector, the code you receive from the AV Equipment Training mentioned previously will give you access. That code is attached to your NetID and you will be held accountable for issues that arise while you are logged in, so please do not share it with others.

However, if you need access to other equipment, such as the DVD/VCR, Microphones, and/or Document computer, you will need a physical key. If you need a key for the cabinet and have completed the AV Equipment Training, come to the Center for Leadership & Involvement (CfLI), on the 3rd floor of the Red Gym, during our Hours of Operation on the day of the event to pick up a key. You’ll be asked to sign an agreement form, assuring that you viewed the training and that key will be returned before CfLI closes the next business day after your event (if the event is on a Saturday or Sunday, it must be returned on the following Monday). If the key is not returned in the manner required, the student organization representative will be held personally liable and subject to monetary penalties and the RSO’s status as a registered student organization, and all of its rights and privileges, may be revoked.