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Advisor Newsletter

The “Wiser Advisor” Newsletter is sent out with relevant information and tips for a successful year.  All Registered Student Organization Advisors currently listed in the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) are automatically part of our listserv (with an option to opt out).  If you are interested in being a part of this listserv, please send a email to:

Advisor Training Series

The Center for Leadership & Involvement values the contributions Advisors offer to student organizations. In order to serve as a valuable resource to the organization, it may be helpful to receive some training. We offer a training series each year and hope to see you there.  Check out the next tab for more information!

Help and Information

CfLI works hard to be your “one-stop” department to assist you and your student group with getting questions answered, suggestions on advising issues, policy interpretation, and referrals to other resources that can help you and your student group. Please contact our office with questions, comments, concerns and we will do our best to assist you.

What you can expect when you contact CfLI:

  • Polite, respectful and friendly service
  • Prompt follow-up
  • Accurate information or referral: we strive to refer you to the appropriate office first, not simply another office who may then refer you to another office
  • Assistance as it relates to student organization management issues, policy interpretation, guidance and advice, complaint procedures, and general responses to frequently asked questions
  • Working hard to assist you with your organization
  • Basic information about student programs housed in our office and how to get in touch with their staff

Registering a Student Organization

Registration is the first process a student organization must complete each year to be recognized by the university. A Registered Student Organization is a campus-based group that has registered with the Center for Leadership & Involvement (CfLI) in order to be eligible for certain privileges and access to university facilities. RSOs enjoy benefits as well as have responsibilities. In addition, it should be noted that only currently enrolled students may register as a student organization.  Registration is facilitated through the Wisconsin Involvement Network, or WIN (  The organization will not only complete the application through WIN, but they will also be granted an organization WIN page once they become officially registered.

Resource Access Request for Off-Campus Advisors

If you advise a Student Organization but are not UW Faculty or Staff, this option is for you. Through the “Resource Access Request Form for Off-Campus Advisors,” you can request

  • guest user access to WIN
  • a volunteer letter affirming your role as an official advisor (which provides you coverage by the State’s liability protection program so long as you perform your duties within the scope of the description you provide.)

Please follow this link if you are interested in these services. If you have any questions, contact the Center for Leadership & Involvement at or 608-263-0365.

Discipline and Accountability

As a Registered Student Organization (RSO) the organization, through its primary contact, has agreed to the Student Organization Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct and complaint procedures were most recently modified by the Committee on Student Organizations and approved by the Chancellor in 2015.

The Committee on Student Organizations is an ASM Shared Governance Committee whose members represent the student body, ASM, Chancellor’s Office, Dean of Student’s Office, Faculty, and the Center for Leadership & Involvement.

The committee is made up primarily of students. All student representatives are appointed by the ASM Shared Governance Committee and the Center for Leadership & Involvement. Any interested students should contact either the ASM Shared Governance Committee or CfLI for the application.

Departmental Sponsorship

Registered Student Organizations can received departmental sponsorship for events and programs that they host. The University department and the organization should ensure that the nature and extent of the sponsorship is clearly understood by both parties. The department should be aware of the minimum expectations when sponsoring a student organization. Please visit the “Departmental Sponsorship” tab within the “Benefits” section of this Resource & Policy Guide, or download the PDF document below.

Department Sponsorship Minimum Requirements


There are currently no planned Advisor Training Sessions. Please check back for new opportunities.


Student Organization Advisor Orientation

This workshop is designed for anyone who advises student organizations. We will discuss student organization advisor’s roles and expectations and student organization advisor resources. There will be time for questions and discussion.

In the event that you missed our Fall Orientation, feel free to review these slides and/or list to the recorded session to see what we shared!

Spring 2020 RSO Advisor Presentation Slides

Spring 2020 RSO Advisor Orientation Video

Student Organization Diversity, Social Justice, & Inclusion Session

This workshop aims to provide student organization advisors with the knowledge and skills to respond and initiate conversations about diversity, social justice, and inclusion within the student organization.

In the event you missed our Fall 2015 session, here is a handout shared during the conversation.  Diversity Session Handout

Student Organization Advisor Financial Management Workshop

This workshop aims to provide student organization advisors with the knowledge and skills about financial management within a student group.  The session will highlight budget tips, fundraising policies, grant opportunities, and university expectations.

If you happened to miss the Fall 2016 workshop, feel free to check out our presentation slides or our session recording!

Fall 2016 Financial Management

Fall 2016 Financial Management Recorded Session

Student Organization Advisor Risk Management Workshop

Let’s hear from the experts! A representative from UW Risk Management, UW Legal Services and University Health Services will be on hand to guide us in a discussion of common risk management issues encountered by Student Organizations and their Advisors… and how to successfully prepare for and handle risk.

Risk Management Worksheet

Transitions and Technology

This workshop is designed to educate advisors about how to improve the transition of leadership from one year to the next. We will also hear from a representative from the Center for Leadership & Involvement on the technology resources available to RSOs. Whether you have been advising an organization for 10 years or have just started in your role, you are more than welcome to come and share your ideas!


Interested in learning about these workshops as they are scheduled?  Subscribe to our Advisor Listserv by sending an email to: