How to Register your Student Organization


  • 2017-2018 Registration opening dates are:
    • Wednesday, July 5 - Dual Registration Groups (BBA, CALS, Engineering, Greek Life, MBA, Rec Sports, SMPH/MSA)
    • Monday, August 1 - All other Student Organizations
  • Student organizations that were registered during 2016-2017 will retain RSO privileges through October 2nd, 2017. After that time the group must have re-registered to receive RSO benefits.
Step 1: Fill out application
  • If you are enrolled at UW-Madison at least half-time, you are eligible to register a student organization (more specifics found in the Eligibility section of the Student Organization Resource & Policy Guide
  • The person who fills out the form will be assigned to the role of Primary Contact upon acceptance of the application.
  • To access the form, see Registration Form Links below

Step 2: Complete the Student Organization Orientation and Quiz

  • As a step in the application, you will be given a link to the Orientation video to watch online on your own
  • Back in the application, you will need to take a quiz and you must get all of the answers correct to satisfy the orientation requirement

Step 3: Badgers Step Up!

  • Organizations are required to attend a 2-hour Leadership Development and Bystander Intervention Training, called Badgers Step Up!
  • This training will need to be completed by someone in your organization every year. Program completion includes the pre-test, workshop, and post-test.
  • If someone from the organization attended during the spring 2017 semester, then your group is good to go for 2017-2018 registration and you will be able to select your group's name within the application
  • If your organization has not yet attended a session for the 2017-2018 requirement, the Primary Contact will need to write in the date they or a member of the organization are scheduled to attend a upcoming session
  • For more info and to sign up for a session, go to the Badgers Step Up! page

Step 4: CfLI Review

  • The Center for Leadership and Involvement (CfLI) staff will review your online registration form for accuracy, compliance with eligibility criteria, and completion of all steps of the registration process
  • In most cases, this process will take 1-2 weeks, including some back-and-forth to make corrections to your application
    • In the early fall semester, the process usually takes 3-4 weeks due to the heavy demand of hundreds of student organizations applying
  • After approval from CfLI, the primary contact person will receive notification verifying your organization’s status as an approved registered student organization 


Registration Form Links


If you are registering a new group

  1. Follow this link to the RSO Directory and Search to make sure a similar group doesn’t already exists
    • If you find a similar group, reach out to the Primary Contact to get involved
  2. Check the Inactive List to see if the group exists, but didn’t register last year
  3. Consider whether this group needs to be a Registered Student Organization. For example, if you are a study group looking for room reservations work with the academic department to get space to study.
  4. If you decide to start a new organization, log into WIN, go to the "Organizations" page, and scroll down and click on the "Register" button on the left side of the screen. 

If you are re-registering a group from last year

  • Log into WIN and find your organization in the directory (click "Organizations" in the top navigation bar) and click the name.
  • On your organization's WIN page you will see a blue banner near the center of the page (just below the cover photo).  Click the "Register" button in the blue banner to the right. 
  • If you do not find the organization you are hoping to re-register, check the Inactive List to see if the group exists, but didn’t register last year or was not in good standing at the end of last year